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hot stamp hot stamping foils stamping foils


Hot Stamp Foils

Decorative and functional, our transfer foils are available in a wide variety of patterns and also come in bold solid colors, bright metallics, including red, gold and silver. Even trendy holographies are available. Hot stamp foils can be used to enhance and decorate products in a broad range of industries and in numerous printing applications, including picture frames, pharmaceutical packaging products, plastic products, party supplies, promotional items - the list is limited only by your imagination. Our foils will add an attractive, consumer friendly and durable finish to your products.

Folding Cartons & Labels

With today's highly automated hot stamp equipment and the wide variety of substrates coatings and print finishes, our foils are extremely versatile and imprint over a wide "window of workability." Whether flat die, stamp-and-bump, or combination die stamping. Our foils provide superior results. Our formulas release easily at low temperatures, cover well, cut cleanly and remain brilliant on the printed piece.


Greeting Cards

For high-speed, large-format sheet stamping. We offer a vari­ety of colors, matte and gloss pigments, metallics, pearlescents, tints, and multi­color formulas. These products will decorate the widest range of paper stocks and finishes with a minimum amount of setup time.


Hardbound &/Paperback Books

We offer a series ot pigment products in matte, semi-gloss and high-gloss finishes for stamping solid panels onto the face and spine of hardbound books. The solid panel may be over-stamped with either pigment or metallic foil finishes that provide excellent grain-filling capabilities. Distinctive satin, antique gold and silver finishes for edge gilding complement our line of foils for the publishing industry.


Annual Report Covers & Binders

A complete range of pigmented products that exhibit high opacity, excellent coverage and that cut cleanly are available for flexible vinyl applica­tions. Select metallic foils have been formulated for stamping on smooth, suede and textured finishes. We have also designed a broad line of metallic, pigment, multicolor and tint products for annual report covers.