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Foilgrafix was founded specifically to service the hot stamp business. For over 30 years, Foilgrafix has been working with stamping foils and providing customers with value-added service. We offer a broad range of premium quality hot stamp foils that can be used on a variety of substrates, including plastics and on graphic materials such as poster boards, signs, coated paper book covers, etc.

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Foilgrafix - Plastics

Different choices of gloss pigment foils

We offer high opacity gloss foil developed for styrenics, polyolefins, rubber die tipping onto rigid PVC credit cards, for graphics applications. We can also offer clean cutting, easy releasing foil designed for high speed marking onto medical grade PVC and Polypropylene tubing, films and containers. 

3 type of matte pigment foils

Flat matte foil are developed to be used on multiple substrates. The advantage is that this series is suitable for high speed, low temperature applications and has fine line definition.

Custom pigment foils

Custom-made foils manufacturer to customer specified performance requirements. These foils can be designed to meet the most demanding application requirements.

Foilgrafix Speciality Applications - Hot Stamp Foils

We look forward to assisting you with your hot stamp applications and answering any of your questions about our hot stamp foils.

In order to provide you with the best possible stamping foils, we offer foil conversion, custom cutting and slitting ensuring the right size and quantity of hot stamp products. Our pigment and metallic foils can be slit and baloney cut in widths and lengths to suite all your applications. Widths range from V1 up to 24 inch, in V4 inch increments. Lengths range from 1,000 feet to 5,000 foot sizes with both 1 inch and 3 inch cores available.

We offer a variety of custom services and technical support for all your hot stamp requirements. To discover the different colour options and discuss hot stamp foils and your needs, please call our friendly and professional customer service representatives in Saint-Laurent, Quebec, Canada.

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